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How Important Are Building Amenities in a Corporate Environment

choosing a corporate office space online
choosing a corporate office space online

When it comes to choosing a professional office space for your business, amenities can make or break the deal. Why should you opt for a certain commercial office and not the building two blocks away?

The answer: top-rated commercial building amenities. Let’s explore.

1. Conference accommodations

If you don’t need a larger space for daily use, it doesn’t make sense to rent out a larger office space. That said, it’s a definite plus if the building offers conference room facilities so you have a bigger space on hand to host larger meetings when needed.

2. Fast and reliable Wi-Fi

Most businesses today require internet connectivity to be able to carry out their operations more effectively. Reliable Wi-Fi connection and cell reception in the building is essential for everyday tasks such as emails, video conferences, online research, client communication, social media management, and so much more.

3. Parking and transportation

Employees and clients should be able to access your location easily. Having a parking lot nearby or underground parking is a huge selling point. Access to public transportation is a bonus too.

4. Reception area

A reception area is a must for businesses that want to ensure their clients are comfortable while waiting. Additionally, having a building receptionist that can assist your clients also makes a great first impression.

an office reception table
an office reception table

5. Dining options

Most people expect a higher level of customer satisfaction when they hire private businesses as opposed to large corporates. Clients and business owners often have meetings over lunch, which makes having great dining options nearby a definite plus.

6. Outdoor space

We all love a bit of fresh air and scenic beauty when on break. An outdoor lawn or patio can give employees some space to recharge and enjoy the outdoor space with their colleagues. In fact, studies show that a bit of green can go a long way in boosting employee productivity.

Need a Commercial Office Space for Lease in Houston?

Choose the premier Clocktower Building at Allen Parkway as the next home for your business. Our fully serviced office space is located at the perfect location connecting uptown and downtown Houston with all the above amenities for a great office experience.

Call (713) 284-1690 today to learn more about our luxury offices for lease in River Oaks, Houston.


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