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Boutique and upscale office space in an architectural gem. Everything about the space speaks to the careful attention to detail that was paid in preserving and converting this historic building into modern, commercial offices. From the solid mahogany doors to technologically, well-appointed conference rooms to the beautiful central reception area, the Clocktower Building is truly unique in the Houston, TX, area.

Based in River Oaks, Houston, it is a truly unique office space. You can get luxury office suites for lease or rent out family offices. You can also find professional private offices and private attorney offices in the building. It’s truly a work of art, and anyone who wants to rent out an office space here can do so easily!


In 1925, the City of Houston started construction on a winding roadway along the bayou that would connect downtown with a new residential community named River Oaks. To take advantage of this new corridor and to escape the increasing density of the downtown area, businesses sought locations along the scenic route, which was originally named Buffalo Drive and is now known as Allen Parkway.

Nearly 100 years later the Clocktower Building still enjoys its scenic position along this vital parkway connecting uptown to downtown and in walking distance to some of Houston’s most vibrant and upscale neighborhoods, dining, entertainment, and shopping.


Between 1928 and 1930 three printing plants were built in a cluster at the bend just west of Waugh Drive. Not only did they share a commercial focus, but all were designed in the Spanish-Mediterranean style, which disguised the industrial nature of the building in an attempt to embrace the picturesque nature of the parkway. This stretch of Buffalo Drive became known as the “craft district.” 


The Clocktower Building, distinctive for its iconic tower feature, was originally built in 1928 by the Rein Company. Over the years the building has served various uses ranging from a printing press, a savings and loan, several restaurants, to an office building. The current restoration recaptures its early glory through the application of period details, materials, and furnishings. The renovation was also the recipient of a GHPA preservation award.

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The historical architecture and the painstaking attention to quality and detail paid in its renovation make The Clocktower a truly one-of-a-kind office space that will convey the right image for your business and set it apart from the competition.

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Our tenants are a close-knit community of successful businesses that are constantly finding ways to work with each other to create more opportunities and successes. This synergy within our building creates an intangible value that few other office environments foster.

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Centrally located between uptown and downtown along the Allen Parkway corridor. Walking distance from the park and some of the most vibrant and upscale dining and entertainment in Houston.

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3401 Allen Parkway

Houston, Texas 77019

(713) 284-1690

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